Database of Chilli Pepper Varieties

DATIL (PI 281435)

Species: Chinense | Origin: USA | Heat: Extremely Hot
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This variety has been grown for about 300 years in St. Augustine Florida, and it's name in Spanish means "edible date". The pods are two inches long with shoulders 3/4 inch and mature from green to yellow. It is a Chinense variety and has the a similar heat and aroma to the Habanero, except that the Datil is more fruity and much sweeter. This species is most readily distinguished by the three to five flowers at each node, the drooping pedicels and the circular constriction at the base of the fruit 'cap'

Tim Chadderton

Mickey Baker


Species: Chinense | Origin: USA | Heat: Sweet
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These glossy red peppers from St Augustine, Florida have the same taste as the Datil pepper but with no heat.

Cross Country Nurseries

Jeff Nekola UWGB

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